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Please pray for those listed on our Prayer List.

Prayer List

Welcome to Victory Baptist Church of Guntersville, Alabama Prayer List.

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February 3, 2017

“To you, O Lord, I offer my prayer…”

Psalm 25:1

You have reached the home of  Victory Baptist Church prayer ministry. Please submit your prayer request using the “Get IN Touch Form” below so we will know how to pray for you!

You can put the name of a person who is sick on the Victory Baptist Church Prayer List, or the name of someone who has passed away. You can put yourself on our Prayer List for clarity on making a decision, for example, or just because you want a blessing in your life. You can add the name of a city where there is trouble or a natural disaster, or a situation that could use an extra boost of spiritual support. There is no wrong way to place a name on the Prayer List.

Please only enter the names of people, places, or situations. Details are not required, Spirit will know the intent for the Highest Good.

Please add names to the prayer list in the box below.

The Victory Baptist Church Prayer List is a place where people can ask that the Light of the Holy Spirit be sent to a person, place, situation, animal, etc., for the highest good. Victory Baptist Church ministers and many others send the Light to the Prayer List daily. In addition, placing a name on the Prayer List is asking that the Light of the Holy Spirit be sent for the highest good. It is a direct form of prayers to God that happens as soon as a name is added to the Prayer List.

It is unnecessary to give the reason (problem, situation) for putting a name on the Victory Baptist Church Prayer List; the reason could potentially be on the List long after the Light had already cleared it. The name is enough. The Light will act for the highest good of the person, group, or place being prayed for regardless of the reason.

Enter as much of the name as you know, first and last. But if all you have is ‘the man in the accident on Main Street,’ then submit that. The Light works on your intention and will know where to go.


Darlene Abbott – Breast Cancer

Karen Adams – Breast Cancer

Marilou Allen

Doc Allen – Bone Cancer

Carol Anthony – Cancer

Bagwell Family

Bailey Family

Dave Bass – Cancer

Bass Family

Bell Family

Cody Bentley – Health

Bolding Families

Dovie Bolding

Judy Bolding

Bradley Family

Brewton Family

Jennifer, Andrew & Will Brock

Randy Brock & Family

Shirley Bryan & Family

Burks Family

Becky & Adam Camp

Campbell Family

Rex Cane – Cancer

Jay Caldwell – Cancer

Greg Calvert – Throat Cancer

Chadwick Family

Eric Chandler & Family

Coville Family

Rose Cox
Kay Davidson

Ernie Dawson & Family

Peggy Deerman – Cancer

Vickie Dobbins – Breast Cancer

Johnny Dupree – Cancer

Tony Edmondson – Cancer

Ellis Family

Elrod Family

Nick Fleming – Cancer

Billy Floyd – Cancer

Ann & Dick German

Gilbreath Family

Goble Families

Golden Family

Wanda Godfrey – Cancer

Ken Grabe, Jr.

Grabe/Riedinger Families

Tracy & Bob Graham

Kim Green

Rita Greer – Brain Tumor

Beth & Jerry Hammond

Chad Hampton

Louise Harden

Martha Harden

Jack Harding Family

Jennifer Harrelson – Cancer

Hawkins Family

Arizona Henderson

Henry Family

Hill Family

Holley Family

Johnny Holloway – Cancer

Larry Hott – Leukemia

Inman Family

Brent Jarmon – Cancer

Kim Johnson

Jolley Family

Keel Family

Nancy Keller & Family

Kemp Family

Ella Kennamer

Alfred & Joyce Kennamer

Kennamer Families

Larue Kohl – Leukemia

Mary Klug & Family

Lambert Family

Lang Family

Brandon Lang

Jane Mallard – Cancer

Mecham Family
Reese Moore & Family

Morrise Family

Pam Moss – Cancer

Bobby & Pat Nunn

McClung/Oreskovich Familes

Motley/Bridges/Wisner Families

Neidigh Family

Nunn Family

Rachel & Bryan Patterson

Debra Patterson – Surgery

Patterson Families

Priest Family

Bob & Gladys Reed – Health

Connie Reed – Health

Rhoden Families

Lorene Rogers & Family

Patsy Ross – Breast Cancer

Delilah Ryan Family

Terry Scott Family

Brock & Jordan Shelton

Mary Shirey & Family

Sikkema Family

Martha Smith

Smith Family

Justin Soper

Sparks Family

Ruth Stankiewicz

Sullivan Family

Steven & Lenora Swords Family

Swords Families

Evelyn Taylor

Carol Thomas – Cancer

Frank & Jane Thomason

Wayne Todd – Cancer

Mabel Treece & Family

Wally & Kelly Waldrop

Charles Wallace – Cancer

Jimmy Ward Family

Keith Weaver – Colon Cancer

Dale West – Leukemia

Kenny Whisenant

Bill Whorton – Cancer

Wilburn Family

Kathy & David Wood

Terry Wood – Cancer

Eric Young

Young/Gipson Families

Unspoken Prayer Requests

Eliza Austin Family


Lebanon Missions: Chris & Kim Todd and family

Art Alive Ministries: Vince & Brenda Tharpe

Spencer Anderson

UK Missions:  B.J. Stagner, Jr. & family

Simonis Ministries

Heart of Christ – Honduras

Marshall County Shelters and Food Pantries

Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC)

World Changer’s Youth Mission


Presidential Election 2016

President Obama & Nation’s leaders

President Elect Donald Trump

Governor Bentley and state’s leaders

Local government

Local and State law enforcement

Past and Present military personnel

Chris Gerrman – USAF

Alex Bell – National Guard

Kyle Vaughn – National Guard

Jamie Williams – National Guard

Jeremy Williams  – National Guard

James Woolbright – Marines

Jason Harris – Marines

Whitt Hayes – Navy

Corey Garmon

Charles Reed


Barfield:  Julia Leach, Maverene Horton, Leila Malone

South Hampton:  Christine Dobbins, Georgia Mae Cooper

Sunday School and Bible Study Teachers and Helpers                           Students, Teachers, Staff and Administrators of Our Schools

Marshall County Christian Singles Fellowship Group

Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study

Sunday School/Bible Study Classes and the Teachers

Spaghetti Supper & Auction Youth Fundraiser

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